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Enroll for the open stage

Enrollments for the open stage will open as soon as more information of the festival are known.

Enrollments to perform are based on the "first come, first served" principle . Unfortunately we cannot accept enrollments before the start date, nor can we give priority to certain schools (even if you visit the festival every year, you are NOT automatically enrolled for the next edition). This seems most fair to us! If you cannot contact us on the first day of enrollments for any reason, of course you can have your enrollment sent in through somebody else (for example a friend fills in the form for the both of you).

If all performance slots are taken when you enroll, we will put your name on a waiting list.
Please don't be discouraged if you end up on the waiting list! In our experience, there are a lot of changes in the program every year in the weeks/days prior to the festival (dancers canceling, ... ), often even very last minute!

Before you enroll, have a look at our page with frequently asked questions!